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If you’re looking to sell property in Surrey Hills, Balwyn, Balwyn Nth, Mont Albert, Canterbury, Box Hill, Camberwell and Burwood, Ross-Hunt Real Estate will strive to make your property sale experience easier and more enjoyable.

When it comes to selling property in Melbourne, at Ross-Hunt Real Estate, we want to achieve the best possible results for you and your asset by creating an environment that enables you to make confident choices and decisions.

How Much Does it Cost to Sell Property?

We pride ourselves on not being your ‘typical real estate agent’.

We don’t believe transparency and honesty has to be put aside for knowledge and expertise, but rather work alongside them.

This is why we’ve decided to be up front about what costs can be accrued when you sell your home with a real estate agent.

Every property is unique, so the costs to sell each does differ. Agent fees and commission structures obviously vary according to the agent you choose, as do the potential marketing costs dependent on the type of sale option you go with.

These, however are not the only costs you are going to incur once you push the sales button.

Here’s a list of potential costs to consider:

Agent Commission

This is negotiable and agreed upon between you as the seller and us as the real estate agent.

There are 3 options (all including GST):

  • A mutually agreed percentage of the total sales price, typically between 1.5% – 3%
  • A set dollar amount
  • A success based percentage where the base is lower and the fee increases gradually if price expectations are exceeded

Conveyancer/Solicitor Fees

These are generally between $1,000 – $1,500.


This is one that can vary according to your sale type and type of property. Generally, property sales marketing includes photography, copywriting, internet advertising and a signboard. This will set you back around $5,000 – $5,500.

If you would like your home professionally styled with brought in furniture, you’re looking at an additional $2,500 – $4,500 for a 5-week period.

If time or budget is an issue, a Digital Styling Package is an option for approx. $110 per image.

Auctioneer’s Fees

If you’re auctioning your property, then a good auctioneer is going to cost you between $650 – $1,000.

Renovations and Repairs

If applicable, we’ll suggest some small renovations or repairs such as some paintwork, new guttering, landscaping or thinning out of personal belongings that will help maximise the sale price.

This will vary according to the type of size of works completed.

Moving Costs

Size of truck(s) and distance required will influence the costs incurred here but generally you’re looking at between $400 – $2,000.

Mortgage Discharge Fees

This will be different according to your lender, but is certainly something to factor in.

Capital Gains Tax

This isn’t applicable to everyone but if it does apply to you, it will differ based on your property and individual circumstances. CGT is not applicable on your primary place of residence.

Land Tax

Another one that falls in the Capital Gains Tax bracket that isn’t applicable to everyone but is one to be aware of. Speak to your accountant, tax advisor or financial expert for more information on these taxes.

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