Information for Landlords

Our property management team take pride in your home - just like it's their own

Once you have entrusted your property to Ross-Hunt we will appoint an experienced property manager, who will be responsible for the day to day management of your property and tenancy including:

  • Screening and selecting tenants

  • Receiving rents and issuing receipts

  • Arranging for repairs and maintenance to the property

  • Paying of accounts such as water services and council rates

  • Processing any insurance claims that may arise

  • Exercising the owners/tenants rights to terminate leases and tenancies

  • Re-letting the property at the end of each tenancy in the event of a vacancy

  • Doing all such lawful things as may be directed by the owner in writing from time to time

  • Accurately reporting on the condition of the property at the inspection, during and end of each tenancy

Finding a Tenant for your Property

Ross-Hunt has a number of proven methods for finding tenants for your property including:

  • Rental search websites

  • Property Signboards

  • In-house brochures distributed from the agency