Buyer & Vendor Advocacy

Buyer and Vendor Advocacy – Anderson Property Advisors

As one of Melbourne’s most reputable real estate agencies, Ross-Hunt Real Estate is pleased to introduce its Buyer and Vendor Advocacy service, Anderson Property Advisors.

Owned and managed by our Sales Director and Auctioneer, Jeff Anderson, our Buyer and Vendor Advocacy service integrates seamlessly with the broad range of real estate services our agency is proud to provide.

With over 35 years of experience in the property industry, countless awards and over 4000 auctions under his belt, Jeff is a leader among real estate circles, known to hundreds of agents across the state, with a specialised niche in the Melbourne real estate market.

Having managed, partnered with and trained both boutique and large national and international franchise operators such as Woodards, Fletchers and Century 21, Jeff’s intimate knowledge of the inner workings of these real estate agencies is what differentiates him from other advocacy providers.

Why use Jeff and Anderson Property Advisors?

His years of experience mean Jeff is able to cut through the confusion of ‘real estate agent speak’.

There is no legislation when it comes to agents handling multiple offers. Inter and intra office negotiations can be quite complex especially among large, franchised organisations.

Frustrating and time wasting dialogue between agents and potential buyers who are inspecting properties that are likely to sell well above the quoted price, often leaves buyers feeling annoyed and dejected.

Jeff is able to unravel the real estate jargon to provide clear and concise advice in order to help your property aspirations become a reality.

The Anderson Property Advisors difference:

  • Experience that eliminates stress
  • Well-honed negotiating skills saving you time and money
  • You have an educated, experienced agent on your side
  • Access and insight into off market opportunities
  • Provision of an independent assessment of market worth
  • A directly comparable sales report for all potential property purchases
  • In person inspections of the properties and improvement advice
  • In-depth market knowledge of growth corridors, demographics and timing
  • Access to trusted service providers such as finance brokers, conveyancers, building and pest inspectors, architects, tradesman, lawyers, builders and more

An integral part of the greater Ross-Hunt Real Estate service index, Jeff Anderson and Anderson Property Advocacy will give you the confidence and peace of mind to make educated property decisions whether you are to buy or sell real estate in Melbourne.

Anderson Property Advisors operates under the same roof as Ross-Hunt Real Estate, however is independent and will never engage in unlawful conflict of interest where both buyer and vendor are represented by Ross-Hunt Real Estate.