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As both a Real Estate Agency and Owners Corporation Management Company, Ross-Hunt has elected to be a member of the Real Estate Institute Owners Corporations Chapter.

Ross-Hunt Real Estate is a single office operation of approximately 50 staff members. Though based in Surrey Hills, our Owners Corporation Management Team looks after properties across the entire Metropolitan area and also in parts of Rural Victoria.

As a member of the REIV Owners Corporation Chapter, our contracts of appointment do not feature a schedule of extra fees commonly referred to as schedule 2.2 fees. We do reserve the right to charge fees at an hourly rate of $165 during business hours and $275 outside of business hours. However, these fees are only charged if a manager is required to convene additional general meetings / committee meetings, and / or prepare for & attend at VCAT.

Annual General Meetings are included in our management fee. For Owners Corporations of 2-6 lots, an AGM held outside of business hours is charged at a cost of $275 per meeting. For Owners Corporations greater than 6 lots in size, there is no charge for holding the AGM with the time & location to be mutually agreed.

Our preference is that our Owners Corporations resolve to engage the services of our many trusted, qualified and professional contractors for the best outcome. Should an Owners Corporation wish to engage a contractor that is not a Ross Hunt preferred contractor, we will accommodate this provided the contractor is qualified to carry out the proposed works and carries the requisite insurance.

Ross-Hunt does not charge a fee to set up Owners Corporations. You will need to pay set up expenses of up to $150. These charges cover the cost of an OC Plaque, Common Seal, Plan of Subdivision and registration with the Titles Office. These costs will be included in the initial budget as a once- off expense.

Yes. Each of our 1150 Owners Corporations has a dedicated portfolio manager. Additionally, with our ‘buddy “system”, you will be able to enjoy a continuity of service in an emergency, when the manager is absent.

Ross-Hunt manages Owners Corporations across the entire Melbourne Metro Area and also in regional Victoria. We have Owners Corporations from Yarrawonga to Lorne ranging in size from 2 lots up 300+.

Absolutely not! It is a common misconception that Owners Corporation Management Companies, who are also a real estate agency, provide a subpar service. o Ross-Hunt Real Estate has been managing Owners Corporations since our agency was established in 1973. We have the experience and the proven track record to provide any prospective clients with the peace of mind that will surpass ‘specialist’ Owners Corporation Management Organisations in Victoria.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on ensuring that the multifaceted nature of Ross Hunt Real Estate is a benefit to our clients, as we are able to offer a more comprehensive and efficient management service where a unit is managed by Ross-Hunt Rentals and Owners Corporation Department. We also offer special rates to all existing clients if they should be interested in selling or renting through Ross Hunt Real Estate.

No – Our Owners Corporation Managers and admin staff solely operate in the Owners Corporation Department. Your dedicated Manager will not be dividing their time between your Owners Corporation concerns and real estate issues. All Sales and Rentals matters are handled by our dedicated staff members in those separate departments.

Where practical, reporting issues via the committee is preferable, but owners should not be inhibited from contacting the manager directly. Our lines of communication are open to all owners.

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